Village.Tribe.Family You Choose

I thought I always been part of a tribe. Aside from my family, I really thought I had a tribe...especially at church--the reason for our common ground, the beliefs that allowed us to belong.

However, as I begin my personal journey of building my own tribe, I'm learning I was never part of a tribe.

When you get  married, move out, leave for training school, or leave your home Corps and division--your tribe can all but disappear. Of course, this also happens in just plain real life.

Building is not as easy. Making friends is not for the faint of heart! After all, it's a lot like dating. Getting the guts up to say "Would you want to do coffee some time?" can give me a heart attack and make me want to puke. And really, who want to regress to high school?

And yet, it's vital that we have a tribe of friends we can do life...real connection.

In my personal journey to find my tribe these few thoughts keep coming to mind:

To be able to talk unapologetically  about how life and leadership is going, how pioneering and call and vision is going

to feel safe and secure enough to stand at your side and look at your life with a fresh pair of eyes 

Together we look at our frustrations and failures. together we look at our battles and breakthroughs. We celebrate what God's doing in our lives and talk through the reality of our challenges No dream is too ambitious or audacious here; no false humility required. Leadership, being an Officer, mother, wife...etc is lonely work so these discussions would be gift enough. We would also talk through the plans we need to put in place to move forward towards the future, to respond to what God is doing.

We would talk, process, listen, pray and plan.

I'm not interested in being a lone ranger leader, and even though Wonder woman will always have a place in my heart...there's no need to be a superhero. I'm interested in building a village, tribe, a family you choose that invest and empowers of forging a sisterhood that supports and stirs into action.

Here's to tribe dreamin' and building!


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