October Topic...

It is the beginning of October! There is a freshness in the air...maybe not in California because of the smog...but you get what I mean...

It did not take me long to choose a topic to explore because it is a topic that is so pertinently on my mind almost everyday. It is a topic that shakes me, and to be completely honest...this is a topic that is at the root of every mistake, sin, and worried thought...any guesses to the topic?


Anyone else struggle with it? Do you feel its icy breath when you want to try something new, initiate in relationships??

I'm coming to realize that I do not have to be its slave. I'm free to struggle, but I'm not overcome. Moreover, I'm not made to struggle alone.

So today begins with me exposing of my struggle for you to see. Today begins an invitation to you to join me. Today begins with me doing one thing that scares me...today begins 30 days of writing and exposing FEAR and how it relates to me.

Will you join in?




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